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Maggie Macnab is a designer, educator and author. She founded Macnab Design in 1981 and is recognized for creating design that focuses on meaning and usefulness, particularly in logo and identity design. Maggie integrates symbolism into her work to create communications that appeal to the broadest audience for the most value. She bases her design on these principles:

Information is evaluated intuitively before being consciously processed
The essential qualities that evolve information into effective communication are aesthetics, elegance and economy
Every aspect of the design must cohesively relate to the message to create a meaningful relationship with your audience
Creating a relationship with your audience is the only way to create results for your product or service

Maggie has taught design since 1997, and has written
books on design based in nature and intutive principles.
Her newest project is Designing Effective Logos, a Learn
by Video series for Peachpit Press, releasing Sept. 2014.

Maggie's books:

Design by Nature: Using Universal Forms and Prinicples in Design
Decoding Design: Understanding and Using Symbols in Visual

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